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Virtual Airlines of Moldova and Romania
pilots: 16 flights: 6,947
planes: 138 hours: 13,951
Soyuz FDR

Embraer-120RT (ER-EMA)
 LUKK  flights: 0  hours: 0


 Engine: 2
 Maximum range: 945 nm
 Flight level: F298
 Cruising airspeed: 298 knot
Empty weight: 15.591 lbs
Maximum weight: 25.529 lbs
Landing weight: 24.802 lbs
Maximum fuel: 5.731 lbs
Crew: 2 + 1
First class: --
Business class: --
Economy class: 30
Payload total: 7.209 lbs
Flaps 15° 180 knot
Flaps 25° 150 knot
Flaps 45° 135 knot
 Vmax gear extension 200 knot
 Vmax gear retraction 200 knot
 Vmax gear extended 200 knot
 Tail strike pitch 0.0°
Navigation equipment: 
no information
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