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Welcome to Virtual Airlines of Moldova and Romania!

«Virtual Airlines of Moldova and Romania» simulates in VATSIM and IVAO environment operation of real Moldavian and Romanian airline companies:

Fly OneFIA5FFIA29313699
HiSky EuropeHYSH4SKY EUROPE15153309
AnimawingsAWGA2ANIMA WINGS93366
Fly One ArmeniaFIE3FARMRIDER1150110
Terra AviaTVRT8TERRA AVIA662248
Air MoldovaMLD9UAIR MOLDOVA623,0935,293

Airline Fleet consists of airliners used by real airlines and includes Airbus A318, A319,A320 and A321, ATR 42 and ATR 72, Boeing B737 Classic, B737NG and B744, Embraer E190.

Route network and schedule based on real world network and schedules of airlines.

Pilots – enthusiasts of virtual aviation, real pilots and air traffic controllers.

Pilot Software is developed by VAU ( creators and provides the following information to a pilot:

  • Calculation of passenger and cargo load, total payload for particular aircraft for each flight, updated daily
  • Flight route calculation including Flight Plan according to latest AIRAC
  • Fuel calculation for each scheduled flight for major aircraft types
  • Automatic booking of flight into VATSIM
  • Upon completion of flight, information is logged into pilot logbook on website

Virtual Airlines of Moldova and Romania system provides sufficient information to perform flights within VATSIM network.

Required Software to fly with Virtual Airlines of Moldova and Romania:

  • Microsoft FS2004 or Microsoft FSX (X-Plane is partially supported)
  • Registered version of FSUIPC
  • FSInn or SB for VATSIM flights
  • Current AIRAC
  • FS Agent, Pilot Client – downloadable from this website

Virtual Airlines of Moldova and Romania is open for pilots with 100 or more online hours in VATSIM.

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Welcome to Air Moldova Virtual Airlines. We are a non-commercial group of flight simulation enthusiasts. We are not a real world airline, nor are we affiliated or endorsed by any airline.
All trademark logos of airlines used on this website are the property of the respective owners.
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